Captain squid


Galician bread ciabatta.

80 g. Squid in its ink.

30 g. of Arzúa Cheese.

40 g. of Onion of the country.

50 g. Carrot.

25 g. canned mushrooms.

5 mL of organic extra virgin olive oil.

5 g. of salt.

Nutritional value

Energy: 544.55 Kcal. (30.25% of the CDR).

Proteins: 23.60 g. (49.16% of the CDR).

Carbohydrates: 43.44 g. (33.42% of the CDR).

Fats: 29.25 g. (97.48% of the CDR).


Fry the onion with the grated carrot and the mushrooms drained with the salt in the pan.

We add the squid just to heat them and put everything on top of the bread.

And on this the cheese, what can we put then in the oven to gratin.

Capitán Calamar