Galician bread ciabatta.

100 g. Light tuna in olive oil.

30 g. Galician Tomato.

1 mL. of organic extra virgin olive oil.

3 g. Garlic.

1 g. of Salt.

30 g. of arugula.

10 g. of pitted green olives.

Nutritional value

Energy: 436.52 Kcal. (24.25% of the CDR).

Proteins: 33.23 g. (69.22% of the CDR).

Carbohydrates: 37.64 g. (28.95% of the CDR).

Fats: 16.22 g. (54.06% of the CDR).


Peel the tomato and garlic and crush it together with the olive oil and a little salt.

Spread the bread with this mixture and place some rocket leaves on top.

Next we add the tuna.

Finally, we decorate with the olives cut into pieces.